A History Of The Village Flag
Bob Chinn's Crab House (NEW)
Celebrate Wheelings 100th Anniversary
Community Presbyterian Church Migration To Chamber Park and LolliPop Lane (NEW)
History Of the Denoyer Farm
History Of Wheeling Township and Wheeling
How Did Wheeling Come into Being
How Christmas Began
St. Joseph The Worker Church History
The Way We Were
1927-1928 Wheeling Information Directory
Wheeling Rattlesnake Hunt 1931-2011 (NEW)
Wheeling Trivia Quiz

Snapshots Of A Community
Wheeling Through The Years

Wheeling Wunderland
Records Left Behind - Wheeling, ILL (NEW)


From Restaurants to Recipes
Seasoned With Love


How Wheeling Came Into Being
Wheeling Rattlesnake Hunt / 1931-2011
The History Of Milwaukee Ave (NEW)
How Chicago's Indians Became Its 1st. Suburbanites (NEW)

Carolyn Kolssak's - A Personal Album
ABC TV Chicago - 10 Best Places in the Country

WHS Museum :

- Founders Day
- Moving the Carriage House to the Historical Museum Campus
- Carriage House Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
- Grand Opening Of The Carriage House
- On the Retirement Of Craig Huotari of Craig's Barber Shop

Village Of Wheeling :

Welcome To Wheeling (NEW)
W.I.L.D. Wheeling (NEW)


Wheeling Diamond Jubilee 1894 -1969 (NEW)

Wheeling's 100th. Anniversary Celebration

Hoyne Savings Bank - 125th Anniversary

Hartman House
Telephone Company
Mercle Pickle factory
Union Hotel
Wheeling Industrial Center
Your New Plan
Wheeling Nursery
Restaurant Row

Village Of Wheeling

Fire Department
Police department
Wheeling Proclamations
Wheeling 2000 and Beyond Village Report
A History Of The Village Flag
Wheeling Village Newsletters

A History of the Wheeling Village Hall
Wheeling Then and Now Brochure (NEW)
Welcome To Wheeling (NEW)
W.I.L.D. Wheeling (NEW)

Wheeling Library:

History Of the Wheeling Library

Wheeling Park District:




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